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For me, this is not just a job, celebrating all parts of life is truly something I love doing. Meeting new people, sharing with them and helping them achieve their goals is a real honour. Bringing to life truth and beauty through ceremony, whether it’s marrying a soul mate, mourning a loved one or celebrating the birth of a
child is something I never tire of.


Everyone has a different vision of what they want to achieve. My priority is to make sure that vision is realised by creating a relaxed, beautiful and fun atmosphere while also understanding the right time to be respectful and sincere. I’ll help you create a simple or flamboyant ceremony that blends with your cultural and spiritual beliefs, and your personalities.


I live on Sydney’s northern beaches but am happy to travel (within reason) almost anywhere. In fact, some of my favourite memories are of ceremonies I’ve conducted in Byron Bay and in
a South Coast rainforest!


I’d love the chance to meet you and discuss your ceremony ideas, with no fee or obligation. If you’re happy with the meeting,
we can go from there. 


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As a mother of three, I certainly understand the overwhelming joy of becoming a parent. 


A “Name Giving Ceremony” is an important ritual in our community, to introduce your little one to your family and friendship circle. I would love to help you create a memorable celebration of this new life.

Naming ceremonies

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